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We at Hardt Classics have combined these quality Wurth products to rejuvenate your much treasured Classic Car.
We use these products exclusively in our restoration workshops.

The resurfacing kit contains:
1- Clay mitt
1- Absorption Towel
1- P55 Polish Puck
1- High tech Micro Fill finishing Towel
1- Pair of cotton car handling gloves

User Recommendations:

Pre-soak the Clay Mitt in water and thoroughly remove embedded contamination.
Ensure the Mitt stays lubricated with water during cleaning.

After Clay treatment, Dry car thoroughly with full Absorption Towel.

Apply P55 Polish evenly to the surface of the paint and use the Polishing Puck with circular movements.

Then polish it out and afterwards remove polish residues with our exclusive High tech Micro Fill finishing Towel.

As a bonus we are including a Pair of cotton car handling gloves.